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Ryan Webster

Ryan Webster is an entertaining L.A. singer-songwriter with a delightful menu of songs that will shock and please your pallet.

Ryan's dynamic collection of songs range from rock to clever folksy tunes to breathy love songs that hearken to the old standards of the 30's and 40's.

His rough, earthy voice glides along like cut paper with a playfulness that delights the senses.

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For more information, please visit myspace.com/ryandwebster

Josh Auer

Starting his music career as a young teen, he gained experience touring with PAX217, which was signed to Forefront Records. After five years of touring around the world, he settled into song writing at the age of 22, working closely with producer Philip Steir, to create several original works and cues for television and film. His original music can be heard on the WB’s hit series “What I Like About You” and also as the theme song on the show’s DVD. He has since been placed on many popular television programs which include One Tree Hill, Brothers and Sisters, General Hospital, Samurai Girl, and many more. The track "Dear You" aired in an episode of One Tree Hill on January 12th 2009.

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For more information please visit joshauer.com.


Christopher Franke

In 1991, Christopher Franke left the group Tangerine Dream and released his first solo album, "Pacific Coast Highway". That same year he founded the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra and opened a new studio in Hollywood. In 1993, Christopher founded his own record label, "Sonic Images Records", and subsequently released numerous studio recordings and soundtracks. He has composed the music for feature films, such as the blockbuster "Universal Soldier", as well as for television, including the Sci-Fi series "Babylon 5". 1997 witnessed the release of Franke's critically acclaimed "The Celestine Prophecy - A Musical Voyage", the companion CD to James Redfield's best seller "The Celestine Prophecy".

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For more information, please visit christopherfranke.com.


Rie Sinclair

Emmy-Nominated songwriter/lyricist & Los Angeles based performer Rie Sinclair, has been writing music for ABC for the last two years. Her yet to be released song, “Where You Are” (co-written with producer/guitarist Bob Hartry), was nominated as ‘Outstanding Original Song’ for Daytime Television this year.

While still waiting for release of some of her more popular songs from ABC, she's released her current EP, “Glow” in the iTunes Music Store.

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For more information and live performance dates, please visit riesinclair.com.


Deezer D

To the hip-hop culture Deezer D is best know for his role as Chris Rock's sidekick, Stab Master Arson, in the film CB-4 or as one of the Jam Boys in "Fear of a Black Hat" as well as Damon Wayan's crony in "The Great White Hype." To families across America, Deezer D is identified as Nurse Malik McGrath on NBC's number one Award winning series, "ER", presently in his fifth season.

Wittingly combining the ambience fo hip-hop with an uncompromising message of positivity, actor/rapper Deezer D is rapidly emerging as the pioneer of an intrinsic craving within rap music. A beat you can listen to and the lyrics worth living for.

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2 GuitarViols

Imagine this scenario - Jimmy Page and Jean Luc Ponty are armed with 2 Bowed Guitars. They crash a Santana Concert while Vivaldi and Paco De Lucia join in as Yanni conducts the band. Throw this all into a Margarita blender and hit "Frappe". It adds up to "music that feeds the mind as well as the soul".

Jonathan Wilson and Oscar Islas duet with the innovative TogaMan GuitarViol, a unique bowed electric guitar (designed by Wilson) that is played in a similar manner to a Viola da Gamba.

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For more information and live performance dates, please visit 2guitarviols.com.


Featured Labels
Sonic Images Records / Earthtone Records
SONIC IMAGES RECORDS, located in Studio City, California, was formed in 1991 by Christopher Franke, known previously for his 18 years as a band member of the electronic music pioneers, Tangerine Dream.

The record label, initially an outlet for Franke's prolific studio albums and film and television music, has grown to include an eclectic mix of artists and genres. We have expanded our repertoire beyond the already established catalog of Soundtracks and Jazz artists by adding the affiliated labels Earthtone Records for World Music, New Age and Sonic Images Electronica for Ambient/Electronic Music.

N*Soul Records

NSOUL Records is the largest Christian Dance record label on the planet.  With over 200 CD and Vinyl releases, a syndicated one hour mix radio show, and global distribution partners; N*SOUL Records continues to redefine and expand the revolution of Christian Dance Music.

“We are so excited to be part of the iTunes family!  We have been strong supporters of Apple from the beginning and many of our records were produced on a Mac so it very appropriate that our music is distributed through the biggest digital download system in the world created by Apple,” says Phillip Kim, President of N*SOUL Records.

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2 GuitarViols 2 Guitar Viols
AJ Mora AJ Mora
Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez
Antidote Antidote
Audity Audity
Big Dog Small Fence Big Dog Small Fence
Bubble Baby (Virus) Coming soon!
Christafari Christafari - Musica Con Sabor Latino - Edificale y Exaltale Al Senor
Christopher Franke Christopher Franke
Clay House Coming soon!
Cloud2Ground Cloud2Ground
CrossRhythms MOM (Minds of Men) featuring Tracey Riggan - CrossRhythms - Sanctified Dance from the U.K. Underground
Crystal Lewis Coming soon!
Dance In Motion Dance In Motion
D.C. R.E.T.O. D.C. R.E.T.O.
Deezer D Deezer D - Livin' Up In a Down World
Deitiphobia Coming soon!
Delirious? Delirious? - Mercy Streets - When All Around Has Fallen
DJ Darryl & C3PO Coming soon!
El Soldada El Soldada - Musica Con Sabor Latino - Padres No Lloren
Erinfall Erinfall
Francisco Orantes Francisco Orantes - Musica Con Sabor Latino - No Te Tardes
Faith Massive Faith Massive
Fros'T Fros'T
Garage Garage - Musica Con Sabor Latino - Lo Que Quiero
Gina Gina
Giovanni Rios Giovanni Rios - Musica Con Sabor Latino - Siete Vueltas
Gospel Housing Authority Gospel Housing Authority
Hechos de Barro Hechos de Barro - Musica Con Sabor Latino - Original
Hydro (Andy Hunter) Andy Hunter & Hydro
Immaculate God Concept Coming soon!
Jennifer Knapp Jennifer Knapp - Mercy Streets - A Little More
Joe Ferry Joe Ferry - Skallelujah
Kindred Kindred - Musica Con Sabor Latino - Ritmo Sagrado
Lakita Lakita
Lone Angel Coming soon!
LoveTree Lovetree
Magnetik Coming soon!
Michelle Higgs Michelle Higgs
Mindbender Coming soon!
Moby Moby - Mercy Streets - Run On
Mother Blues Band Mother Blues Band
Nitro Praise Nitro Praise
Paradigm Shift Coming soon!
Preacha Preacha
Private Boiz Coming soon!
Prodigal Sons Prodigal Sons
Prophecy Of P.A.N.I.C. Prophecy Of P.A.N.I.C.
Prophetica Prophetica
Psalmistry Coming soon!
Puchi Colon Puchi Colon - Musica Con Sabor Latino - Asustado
Raving Lunatics Coming soon!
Rescate Rescate - Musica Con Sabor Latino - Cuando Volver
Resolution Coming soon!
Richard Cepeda Jr Richard Cepeda Jr - Musica Con Sabor Latino - Aqui Se Goza
Rie Sinclair Rie Sinclair
Rigoberto Amaya Rigoberto Amaya - Musica Con Sabor Latino - Corazon Enamorado
Rhythm Saints Coming soon!
DJ Scott Blackwell DJ Scott Blackwell
Sheltershed Coming soon!
Sixpence None The Richer Sixpence None The Richer - Mercy Streets - Love
Skadaddles The Skadaddles
Sonik Boom Of Love Sonik Boom of Love
Sozo Sozo
Sue Rinaldi Sue Rinaldi - Love Eternal
Trip (featuring Andy Hunter) Andy Hunter, Martin King & Trip
Tonus Peregrinus Tonus Peregrinus - Mad World - EP
Virus Coming soon!
Wonder In Blue Coming soon!
World Wide Message Tribe Coming soon!
Youth Exodus Youth Exodus
The following labels have music distributed through Higgs Communications:
Chicken Shack Records
Earthtone Records
Fresca Perro Productions
High Meadow Records
Kite7 Enterprises
Mars Hill Church
NSA Records
N*Soul Records
Platform Records
Sonic Images Records
Take 2 Productions
Vineyard Music Himalayas